Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fear to Confidence

I attended Second City in Chicago last year and the teacher wanted us to write a piece going from one extreme to the other. I chose fear to confidence. Check it life in a nutshell... FEAR to CONFIDENCE So this is a new environment for me. I'm the new kid on the block. Will they get me?! Will they understand me?! I'm just gonna sit in the back and not say a word. Damn it teacher, why the hell would you call on me?! I don't know the answer and I damn sure don't know these people. I answer as best as I know how. They laugh!! Ice broken. Shit that wasn't easy, still got 3 more classes today. I can't possibly make them all laugh. 2nd class teacher does the same me out. Do I have new student written on my face?! I MUST!!! I made their asses laugh though!!! 3rd and 4th period teachers do the same thing. smh..I've warmed up by now. Yeah you know the result. They laughed!! I got these suckers in the palm of my hand now. Dude sitting next to me says man you're funny as hell. I tell him, man I'm the new guy here. I make folks laugh to get over my own fears. This is only the beginning. This is who I am...I'm just glad yall laughed...

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